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Company STEP d.d. Sarajevo is the legal successor of work units "SITEL", "MEP" and "ELPOS" which were founded in 1976 and operated under the ZTP Sarajevo, as a developer of railway infrastructure.
Upon privatization, as an independent economic entity it has been operating since year 2000. STEP d.d.

Sarajevo is engaged in execution of works for following:

  • The construction of power plants, low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage networks and substations,
  • The construction and reconstruction of contact network and substations for railways
  • The construction and reconstruction of public lighting (buildings, public spaces, roads and sports arenas)
  • The construction and repair of security stations and road crossings on the railway infrastructure
  • The construction of crossroad intersections (traffic lights)
  • The construction of the telecommunication networks, laying and processing of all kinds and types of cables, assembly plants and other telephone equipment
  • We offer a service of metal processing and manufacturing of products and semi-finished products used in railway and road infrastructure
  • We produce street light and pillars for contact network (tubular steel and lattice)
  • We offer a services of removing corrosion of steel structures blasting quartz sand and grit, and water blasting (pressure up to 2500 bar).

STEP Inc. in its organizational structure-has four sectors:

  • Sector for signaling and telecommunication systems (SS and TKP)
  • Department of contact network and power facilities (KM and EEP)
  • Logistics Sector
  • Services Department (CNG)

Company STEP d.d. Sarajevo currently employs 127 employees.

Since the core business of the company STEP d.d. Sarajevo work on construction of railway infrastructure, the majority of workers has passed the certification exam field of direct participation in rail transport 646.

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